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Open Door Adventure,
Dolben Hall,
Bont Newydd,
St Asaph,
North Wales

01745 585535
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A.A.L.A. Licensed Centre

License Number. L4356/R0600

   Trainee Outdoor Pursuits Instructor Course (TOPIC)
The Leisure Industry is a fast growing area and there is a constant demand for qualified and experienced outdoor pursuit Instructors, especially in the field of Outdoor Pursuits, Adventure Sports within the Leisure Industry.

As with all industries, it is a chicken and egg situation. In order to gain employment, experience is needed. To gain experience employment is required. We at Open Door have recognised this dilemma, hence, our range of TOPIC courses, (trainee outdoor pursuits instructor course) which range from our eight week introductory course, sixteen week course to our 6-month or one year course.
 Why Come to Us

 Cost of course Includes:-

  • Expert Tuition & Instruction
  • All equipment provided
  • On the job training
  • All N.G.B qualifications
  • No traveling to and from the workplace
  • Learn in Snowdonia, Britain’s premier National Park
  • Learn how to Instruct, teach & coach and pass on these new skills.
  • Most of the National Governing Bodies Qualifications require Pre-Requisite Experience, before attending a N.G.B. Training Course. For Example the Mountain Leader Course Pre-Requisite's are at least 20 Quality Mountain Days in at least two mountain areas, 8 wild camps in remote ares,  be over 18 yrs old. Candidates should have experience in Navigation skills, Meteorology, Geology, Glaciation, Flora & Fauna, Access & Egress, and Group Management Skills, We therefore spend at least a month duration in training for any N.G.B course.


Food & Accommodation is Available on Site if required at £250 per month.


The TOPIC Course is designed to fill in those gaps in your experience and log books and give you the pre-requisite experience required, or it will prepare you sufficiently for you to attend the N.G.B.Training Courses. Plus give you vital training experience's in working with a variety of clients and groups to bring out your leadership skills, and more importantly teach you how to teach the new found skills you have acquired on the course.

We strive to nurture and develop inspirational Instructors who are dynamic teachers of outdoor pursuits. This is why the 6 month course is highly recommended and specifically designed to produce Quality Instructors who are able to gain Employment.

Qualifications Available :

A maximum of 4 N.G.B qualifications can be chosen. plus First Aid & Foundation Rescue Course or White Water rescue Course 6 Months course.
 National Governing Body Qualifications.
  • White Water Rafting Guide
  • Basic Expedition Leaders Award
  • Walking Group Leader Training
  • Single Pitch Supervisors Award Training
  • British Canoe Union : 2/3*/Proficiency Award
  • British Canoe Union Level 1 Coach
  • British Orienteering  Instructors Award
  • Mountain Leaders Award Training
  • Archery Leader Award
  • Mountain Bike Trail Leader.
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • First Aid Certificate (outdoor pursuits)
  • White Water Rescue Course 
Most Centre's request instructors to hold a Walking, Climbing, Mountain Bike and Canoe Kayak N.G.B Qualification, as a minimum standard within the industry, We therefore prefer to work with you towards these main four qualifications. You will also gain valuable experience in other activities which helps you have a much broader knowledge in a range of outdoor pursuits.
**Please Note** 
(There is a minimum age of 18 for this course). All applicants will be invited for interview and assessment of suitability and agreed training plan at our Centre in N.Wales.

The 8  week course gives you basic training in a variety of outdoor pursuits, normally we work to give you two (NGB) Qualifications to be selected from SPA Trg, Indoor Climbing Award, Mountain Bike Trail Leader Award, and Level one Canoe Kayak Coach. A 2 day First Aid course relevent to outdoor pursuits is also provided. We provide training in Teaching Skills & N.G.B Training qualifications and working with a variety of clients under supervision to gain valuable experience to start your career in Outdoor Pursuits within the industry. It is important that you have experience in outdoor pursuits and have some of the pre-requisite's prior to these courses.

The 16 Week Course gives you basic training in a variety of outdoor pursuits, On this course we aim to give you three (NGB) Qualifications To be selected from SPA Trg, Indoor Climbing Award, Mountain Bike Leader Award,  Level one Canoe/ Kayak Coach, Walking Group Leader. A 2 Day  first Aid Course relevent to Outdoor  Pursuits is also provided..We provide training in Teaching Skills & N.G.B. training Qualifications and also working with a variety of client groups under supervision to gain valuable experience to start your career in Outdoor Pursuits within the Industry.  Again some pre -requisites are required and have some knowledge of Outdoor Pursuits.

The 6-month course concentrates on gaining Four NGB training qualifications. Training given in six disciplines which follows N.G.B Qualifications. Learning By Doing. Teaching skills learned and learning to deal with hands on practical experience with a broad client base. Enhancing leadership & motivational skills and Instruction ability. Skill training will be carried out in at least three areas i.e. Lake District, Peak District, N. & S. Wales and Scotland in good winters.
Six month TOPIC  £7,500.00 - start dates to suit client, 6 places available. A career Development can be obtained Applicable to 18-24 year old. Clients Older then 24 may apply but must have funding in place.

For individuals who wish to make a career in the outdoor industry, there are a minimum of four N.G.B Training Qualifications. You have  to consolidate the training and experience and working with clients improving your instructional techniques and gain valuable experience working with a wide range of client bases,  under the guidance of professional and qualified instructors.  We want people who can inspire people in outdoor pursuits in this industry! Assistance in preparing C.V.s Job Interview Techniques, and time out to attend job interviews will be given.
Therefore we are committed to giving you the right N.G.B. qualifications and relevant instructional techniques with experience required in dealing with different client groups, this can only further enhance your employment possibilities, as a fully qualified and experienced outdoor pursuits instructor. We require from you, the same commitment and dedication. We also assist building up your CV assisting with job applications and mock interviews to gain employment within the Industry.

Both the 6 Month course and 12 Month course candidates may have the opportunity to go abroad for a week staff training. When Clients book a Holiday abroad, This is inclusive within the price accept for flight costs..Click on link below to see TOPIC video.


Course Date & Costs
Course Cost
Eight Week Course.
Starts 1st July,  1st October 2014
Sixteen Week Course
Starts 1st July,  1st Oct 2014 

Six Month Course 1st April (Full)

1st October 2014 six Places

Six Month Course
5th Jan, 1st April, 1st Oct 2015
12 Month Course start Flexible £12,500.00

Grib Goch Knife Edge  scrambling Snowdon
The Course price does not include Food & Accommodation. We can provide this on site at £250 per month.
You have the choice to live in or out.

You may be eligible for a grant from such Grant Awarding Bodies as the Sports Council or the Prince’s Youth Trust, N.V.Q. Qualifications can often be made available.
We are an approved provider by the Skills Funding Agency, formally Young Peoples Learning Agency and have a accreditation number to help you with Funding from either Barclay's or Co operative bank to fund the cost of your training with a Career Development Loan, Once you have been accepted for the TOPIC course after interview we will provide you with our accreditation number which is required for the C.D.L.
Contact us for an application form & interview, we require Your name,address and contact details and date of birth.

Tel:- (01745) 585535(01745) 585535

 Gareth Wilson. Before coming to Open Door Adventure I was at College studying Outdoor Education. While i was at College I was lucky enough to have work experience with Open Door which I really started to learn about what it means to work in the outdoor industry. So I decided to leave college and come on the TOPIC course. I haven't regretted the choice one bit!  I have chosen to work slightly more towards the water -based side by gaining my First Aid Qual, level 1 coach in canoe and kayak and 3* kayak, Level 1 W.W.Raft guide Training and I am working towards my Mountain Leader Training.

The Coaching that Trev gives throughout the TOPIC is next to none and has always helped me overcome situations that have come up. The Centre is just like a big family, from Dave and Wendy in the office, Trev (with the Topics) Luke + Neil + Steve  (The main Activity Instructors) and even Alan (great Chef)! you're sure to get a warm welcome!
Open Door Adventure really has helped my Dreams become Reality and I would like to thank them for everything they've done for me not only over the 6 months I have been on the TOPIC but from my first day of work experience.

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